Product Updates

1. Survey Builder - Radio Button or Slider option when using a 6-Point Agree scale

When building a survey, you can now use either a radio button or our popular slider scale. 

  • After adding your questions in Step 2, you'll have the option to change the question to a slider.
  • You can apply the desired style to all the questions quickly using the 'Set All' option.
  • Radio buttons group all the questions in a section into a table format and sliders break each question out individually.

2. Survey Builder - 'Select All' option for Response Required

This feature quickly allows you to turn on/off the 'Response Required' for all questions on the survey using the 'Select all Response Required' toggle in Step 2 of the design process.

  1. Turn it on to set all the questions to 'Response Required'
  2. Turn it off to set them all to off and select the questions you want as required

3. Survey Builder - Manage Dimensions

Dimensions are a key aspect to reporting and we want you to have full control of how you configure the survey results in your reporting site. We've added a step in the survey design flow that allows you to manage your dimensions. The features include: 

  1. Create new dimensions
  2. Reassign questions to other dimensions
  3. Edit and delete dimensions (including Kincentric default dimensions)
  4. Change dimensions in bulk

4. Survey Builder - Personalize Invitations

When sending invitations, you now have the ability to add the participants First Name, Last Name or Email Address to the content of the invitation. This makes the invitation more personal and eye catching. The invitation uses the distribution list to grab the personal details, so this option is only available when using the Single Link or Unique Link distribution types, which require you to provide the information in the distribution list.

5. Admin Portal - Transfer Ownership of Surveys & Files

Project ownerships happen all the time, whether someone leaves your organization or goes on leave its important that work continues. This feature allows you to transfer all of the files from one designers account to someone else in your organization or within Kincentric if necessary. Additionally when somone leaves your company you can remove their access and transfer files to ensure the security of your accounts while work continues.

  • Delete User - Use this when you want to delete a user who is no longer with your company and want to transfer ownership of all the files to a new designer. All references to the designer will be removed from the system and the designer will no longer have access.
  • Transfer Ownership - Use this when a you want want to transfer all files from one designers account to someone else. The designer will still have an active account, but it will be empty.
February 2, 2023

Changes to the Polish translations for 'Dashboard'

We received feedback from our Polish speaking clients that the translation we use for the reporting site 'Dashboard' page is slightly confusing. We collaborated and decided to change the translation from 'Panel uczestnika' to 'Kluczowe wyniki'. This change will affect all clients who have the Polish (pl-PL) language turned on in their reporting site.