2021 Product Updates

December 11, 2021

Issues Fixed
  1. 360 - Re-adding a person to an event doesn't apply the 'Self' roleHeatmap - Every instance of a question is not displayed if it has several dimensions associated with it.

Feature Changes

NPS uses different metrics than the rest of the items within Heatmap and Trend Chart. If its turned on, it can skew the data in the charts so we removed the option for a user to select NPS from the dropdown menus.

New Features

When viewing an Individual Engagement Report, the report will now display right-aligned when viewing in a right to left reading language such as Hebrew, Arabic, Persian/Farsi and Urdu.

November 20, 2021

Issues Fixed
  1. Survey Reporting Dashboard - Top Scoring Questions section is not displaying information
  2. Trend Chart - Not all questions are displaying in the legend at the bottom of the chart
  3. Trend Chart & Heat Map - Some translations are missing throughout the pages

New Features 
Survey Page Load

When the survey participants are taking a survey, we have a new 'Page Loading' image that will display if the page takes more than a few seconds to load.

Help Videos

Knowing how to use each feature the Survey Reporting site is crutial to understanding your survey results, so we've revised all of our Survey Reporting help videos! We added more details and included some of the new features we released over the past few months. Visit the Survey Reporting Guide website to view the new videos or check out the Help page on your Survey Reporting site.

Question Library Translations Upload

 Translations can be a bottleneck in the survey design process and we're dedicated to helping you save time! This feature will allow you to upload translations for all your survey questions and demographic responses to the Question Library. Watch this quick Upload Translations Video for a complete overview of the new feature!

  • Download Question Translations
  • Upload Question Translations
  • Download Response Option Translations
  • Upload Response Option Translations
  • Overwrite existing translations
  • Use the new 'Make question public' checkbox when you're ready to use in the survey.
  • When downloading the full library, it now includes a new tab for 'Response Option Translations' so you can view and audit all of your existing response options!

Trend in Segment Charts

When viewing charts in Segment, if you have more than one survey you will see trend scores for previous surveys below the current year. 

  • You can turn the trend lines off by clicking the 'Show Trend' toggle at the top of the page.
  • Watch the revised Segement Overview video for more details.
  • Feature is available to add to your Survey Reporting site after 12/11/2021
  • For more information about this feature, please contact your Kincentric representative.

October 30, 2021

Issues Fixed
  1. Admin Portal
    1. Impersonation button missing in the Actions column, users are not able to impersonate other clients.
  2. Survey Builder
    1. Survey publish fails when distribution list contains labels that exceed the maximum limit of characters.
  3. Survey Reporting - Heatmap
    1. Dimensions with the same translated name cause the chart to not load
  4. Survey Reporting - Act
    1. PDF only shows up to 20 team members instead of all team members

Feature Changes
Org Manager & Survey Builder - Rich Text Editor

Our eX Pulse applications will have an updated text editor which provides more HTML options when creating content for things like email invitations or introduction text on surveys. HTML can be used to add images or other fancy formatting that otherwise would have to be programmed by Kincentric internal project teams.

October 9, 2021

Issues Fixed
  1. Question Library & Survey Builder
    1. Open ended questions are tagged with a dimenson. We removed the ability to select a dimension when creating open ended questions. If you selected a dimension and then clicked the 'Open Ended' response option, any selection made in the Dimension dropdown will automatically be removed.
    2. Removed the ability to add branching to the last question in a survey.
  2. Org Manager
    1. Removed the option to select 'Full Name' column in the Employee File upload. 'First Name' and 'Last Name' columns are the only options.
  3. Survey Reporting Heatmap:Existing page selections get removed when you change the Timeframe, Focal Group or Language. Favorability key metric trend scores are not displaying. 

Feature Changes
Survey Builder - Step 3 Page Design Modifications

Step 3 in the survey design process has a few enhancements to make organizing the survey easier. We’ve modified or added the following features to the page.

  • Added a search field
  • Added easily identifiable item numbers
  • Added ability to collapse or expand question details
  • Moved the drag & drop icon (used to re-order items) to the right side of the page

September 18, 2021

Issues Fixed
  1. Survey participants cannot click the 'Save & Return Later' button unless all the required questions have responses.

New Features
Quick Exports

Client feedback is important to us and we took your suggestions to simplify our export design.

  1. We added a toggle to hide filter selections.
  2. We moved the Download Manager button to the page header so it’s always visible.
  3. There is a new ‘Quick Export’ banner at the top of each page.
  4. You can quickly pick the type of export you want and click the Export button to send it to the Download Manager.
    • There's no changes to the existing Export Menu, you can still create Quick and Custom Exports.


There’s been a lot of excitement about the new Heatmap chart. Dig into data and find hot spots using a plethora of data options. Watch this Heatmap Overview video for a quick overview and reach out to your Kincentric partner for more information!

Top Scoring Questions

This new feature is a new section on the Dashboard between the Distribution Chart & Focus Areas. It lists which questions on the survey have the best scores. This feature has several customizable options, please reach out to your Kincentric partner for more information!

Survey Builder | Upload a Logo

The survey designer has a new feature that will allow you to upload a logo that appears on the survey. The logo will appear in the top left side of the survey on every page. Watch the revised Survey Intro video for a quick overview.

Feature Changes
Survey Reporting | PDF Export
  • We made a few design modifications on the PDF templates so when you export the Dashboard you’ll get more on the page. We slimmed the header on the page and spacing throughout the PDF and updated the header with less white space.
Survey Builder | Survey Formatting 
  • Right to left reading languages will now appear right aligned on a survey. The supported languages that include the right alignment are Hebrew, Arabic, Persian/Farsi and Urdu.

August 28, 2021

Issues Fixed
  1. Reporting Learn - Scores with zero percent are not displaying the zero.
  2. Dashboard/Focus Area modal - When sorting by percent favorable, the list looks out of order due to they system sorting by unrounded numbers. Updating the sort order to use rounded scores instead.Surveys'Required' message appears on the page even when there are no questions that are required.
  3. 360Page error when navigating to a page where you are the approver for the event but not a subject or rater in the event.

Feature Changes

Virtual Action Coach emails will have a new image banner and formatting for all actions that are created after 8/28/2021. Any actions created before 8/28 will not include the new image or formatting.

August 7, 2021

Issues Fixed
  1. Org Manager
    1. The Employee File/Summary Section: the 'last changed' date and time always shows the current time.
  2. Reporting
    1. PowerPoint Export: Incorrect heading for Norms is displayed if you do not select a norm before export.
    2. Segments Export: Charts are sometimes broken out into two charts due to page breaks.

New Features
360 Reports Search Feature
  • 360 Report Admins will see a new search bar in the Reports/Your Team’s Reports’ section so they can search & find reports easily.

July 17, 2021

System Wide Password Reset

You will be required to reset your password.Kincentric is strengthening its requirements on passwords. Due to the system wide reset you will be required to reset your password when you log in after July 17, 2021.

  • eX Pulse users should click the 'Forgot Password' link on the login page. An email will be sent to you with a link to reset the password.
  • Reporting Users should log in as normal. When you enter your password we will ask you to set a new password.
Issues Fixed
  • Reporting - Thrive Act PDF: 1st bullet point is center alligned
  • Login Page: Passwords do not match message even when your passwords do match (you typed them too fast)
  • Org Manager: IE11 modal is hidded when you try to add, edit or delete nodes in a manager hierarchy
  • Surveys: Reminders are sent to everyone instead of just people who did not take the survey

June 25, 2021

Issues Fixed
  1. Reporting
    1. PowerPoint Export Engagement Distribution Slide: Reversal of Color Codes for Actively Disengaged and Passive. Negative numbers will be displayed in Green and Positive numbers will be displayed in Red to reflect correctly that the results are good = green or bad = red.
    2. PowerPoint Export NPS Comparison by Dimension Slide:
      1. Benchmarks: We will display double dashes when scores are not present for benchmarks.
      2. Trend: We will display double dashes when a comparison does not exist and a Zero when a comparison exists but there is no score.
  2. Question Library
    1. Updated Malay translations for the 6-point scale
  3. Survey Builder
    1. Users are not able to display a language when you add it, remove it, then add it again.

New Features
Text As Audio in Surveys

Surveys can now include a screen reader! With this option, a survey participant can turn on the feature and have the text in the survey read outloud to them when they hover over the text or tap it (mobile devices). Reach out to your Kincentric partner for more information.

  • The audio button will remain in the header so they can turn it on or off at any time.
  • Audio is available in 45 different languages

Trend Chart in Reporting
  • The new Trend chart will help you gain an enhanced understanding of how your survey scores change over time. This feature is great if you're doing monthly surveys or pulsing.
  • Reach out to your Kincentric partner for more information!

June 5, 2021

Issues Fixed
  1. Org Manager
    1. User encounters error message when entering an access code
  2. Survey Builder
    1. User cannot send a test email from the Survey Distribution page
  3. Virtual Action Coach
    1. Actions are not displayed on the Finalize your Actions page
  4. 360
    1. Breadcrumbs at the top of the page are displaying English instead of translations

May 15, 2021

Issues Fixed
  1. Reporting Sites
    1. Cannot log in when using Hebrew language
    2. Cannot download .pptx or .docx when using chrome
  2. Question Library
    1. Cannot create Alt Version of questions if limit of 99 questions is reached
    2. Cannot remove or create orginal response options for custom demographic questions (results in 500 error)
  3. Org Manager
    1. Email Addresses are not updating when new employees are added or deleted from employee file

April 24, 2021

Issues Fixed
  1. 360
    1. Monitor/Subject Page: Server Error displays when creating an Excel export. 

New Features

Survey participants with disabilities will have a more inclusive survey experience. Our surveys have been coded to be in compliance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) standards for accessibility.

  • All compliance changes are automatically applied to all existing surveys, new surveys and Virtual Coach.
  • The WCAG defines how to make web content accessible to people with a wide range of disabilities including visual, auditory, physical, speech, cognitive, language, learning and neurological disabilities.

April 3, 2021

Issues Fixed
  1. Survey Builder
    1. Branching based on previous response options does not work in all cases
  2. Reporting Sites
    1. Benchmarks do not appear immediately after survey close
    2. PowerPoint exports calculation in segments is incorrect when using hierarchies
  3. 360
    1. Report Release and Report Approval buttons are not clickable

Feature Changes
360 Application
  • Participants that have the correct access now have a 'Send Email' button to send invitations and reminders to surveyors.
  • Surveys support hover text on response options when programmed.
  • Surveys support right-to-left reading languages when programmed. Everything on the page will shift to the right to accomodate any language that requires it.

March 13, 2021

Issues Fixed
  1. Reporting Sites
    1. PowerPoint export Dimension Priorities slide is not displaying double dashes when there are no benchmarks to display
  2. Surveys
    1. Sometimes the survey link in the email invitation does not take participants to the language selector page in the survey
  3. Survey Builder
    1. Custom Questions is missing the information icon in the rating scales section
    2. Branching is not working on surveys that are using 'Group Based Links' distribution types
  4. Question Library
    1. Dimensions that are in Draft status are showing as available to select in Survey Builder. These should be hidden.
    2. Removed the ability to add multiple different response scale questions to one dimension. All questions within a dimension must have the same response options.
  5. Virtual Action Coach
    1. Reminder emails are sent event when user updates their subsciption preferences

Feature Changes
360 Application 

Our 360 application and surveys are getting a face lift! The participant site will have the same look & feel as our reporting applications and surveys.

Navigating through activities is intuitive with our new layout and we've loaded it with helpful messages and notifications. 

We're confident you're going to love the changes!

  • When you navigate to 360 for the first time, you will see a 'We've Restyled!' popup that highlights changes to the site.
  • The 360 site and surveys are mobile friendly.
  • The 360 site is now available in 22 languages, surveys are still available in almost any language you need.

February 20, 2021

Issues Fixed
  1. Reporting Sites
    1. Segments Page Excel Export displays the wrong count for segment values when text capitalization is not used consistently.
    2. PowerPoint export shows histrocial engagement score when there is no comparison available.
  2. Survey Builder
    1. Warning message does not appear when you remove benchmarks
    2. Clicking on the Languages button does not open the Translations modal when on the 'Create Custom Dimension' page
    3. Cancel button does not work on the 'Create Custom Dimension' page
    4. Warning message appears on the 'Edit Survey Audience' page when you re-visit the page and do not make any changes
    5. On the 'Distribution Options' page, the Enable HTML Content feature is not applying bold or italics after saving

Feature Changes
Survey Builder Control Panel
  1. The Participation Monitor tile in the Control Panel will now be available when surveying using the Hierarchy Structure (group based) distribution type. Historically the monitor has not been available when using this type of hierarchy.

New Features
Question Library
  • New ‘Translations’ option in the navigation menu allows you to manage translations in bulk.
  • This feature will allow you to manage translations grouped by a language. Historically, you have only been able to manage translations by adding them to specific questions.
  • You can copy language translations from Excel and paste into the library in a few easy steps.

January 30, 2021

Issues Fixed
  1. Reporting Sites
    1. Column headers in the PDF export are not aligned.
    2. My Reports has considerable lag time when user has a large amount of filter groups.
    3. PowerPoint export shows histrocial engagement score when there is no comparison available.
  2. 360
    1. Emails are not sent when using {Link_ToSurvey} in the message body.
  3. Survey Builder
    1. Scrolling issue when user creates a custom demographic question and when creating custom dimensions.

Feature Changes
Survey Builder Control Panel
  1. We renamed the 'Reporting Access' tile to 'Reporting Users'.

January 9, 2021

Issues Fixed
  1. Reporting Sites
    1. When exporting to PowerPoint the Dimension Priority slide is not included when the reporting site is configured to use the Percent Favorable metrics.
    2. When exporting to PowerPoint some translations were not appearing for the terms Engagement Score, Engagement Score Comparison and Engagement Distribution.
  2. Survey Builder
    1. Dimensions listed as Draft in the Question Library were made available to use in Survey Builder instead of being hidden.
  3. Org Manager
    1. When deleting or moving a manager, the direct reports still had the manager's ID listed. Instead, it will have the Manager ID replaced with a system generated number.

New Security Password Criteria

Kincentric has implemented new password aspects that must be adhered to when creating new passwords.

Example acceptable password: H0rse%Play1!

  1. Repeat Characters: Password cannot have more than 2 duplicate letters in it (e.g. P@sssword or Foootb@ll)
  2. Sequential Characters: Password cannot have repetitive sequential characters (e.g. aaaaa, 1234abcd)
  3. Context Specific Terms: Password cannot contain words such as the name of the service, the username/email or derivatives of them (e.g. Kincentric$1)
  4. English Dictionary: Password cannot be a dictionary word where the sole word is part of the password (e.g. diCti0nary or $Secret99 you could use something like Horse%Play1! that has two dictionary words)
  5. Data Breached: Passwords cannot be identified in previously exposed internet data breaches. Database we use to check breaches is: haveibeenpwned.com/passwords.
  6. Upper case characters: Password must contain at least 1 upper case characterLower case characters: Password must contain at least 1 lower case character
  7. Special characters: Password must contain at least 1 special character
  8. Numbers: Password must contain at least 1 number
  9. Minimum number of characters: Passwords must be at least 8 characters long