Heatmap allows you to visualize the data for patterns using color to emphasize relationships between data values. This will help you understand what’s unique, detect trends and assist you in deciding where you should focus your attention in just a few clicks. 

Before you begin...

  • It’s helpful if you understand how to use all the filtering tools. Reference the Filtering & Comparing page for a detailed overview.
  • If you want to download your results, visit the Download page for a comprehensive overview of how to download in Excel, PowerPoint, or PDF.
  • Watch a video overview of Heatmap.

Page Overview

Filtering & Chart Tools

Heatmap requires multiple selections to populate the map. Here are some screenshots of each tool to help you navigate the instructions below.


Select the survey event you want in the chart.

Focal Group

Select a focal group and filter by demographics or hierarchies.

Chart Type

Choose the scores for the event or score the difference from trend or a benchmark.

Chart Columns

Choose the demographic views you want in the columns (X Axis) of the chart.

Chart Rows

Choose the questions, dimensions or demographics you want in the rows (Y Axis) of the chart.

Custom Export

Export to PowerPoint.

Building a Heatmap

Build a meaningful Heatmap using the different filters and options available to you.