Dashboard Homepage

The Dashboard provides a compacted view of your scores in various ways all on one page. 

  • Quickly view your score and trend using the Dial.
  • View the areas of focus in the Index Summary.
  • Compare your scores to normative data and other groups or demographics in a chart view.
  • Use the Modals to dive into results and see how you compare to other groups, demographics and normative data & ranges.

The Dashboard is comprised of 5 possible sections depending on your company configuration.

  1. Score: The Score allows you to view your score in a dial format to quickly see where your score falls within a range, how it compares to norm ranges and quickly see the participation rates. The Modal allows you to interact with the data and select different groups, norm ranges and normative data for comparison.
  2. Index Summary: The Index Summary area displays the dimensions that are important either highlighting areas of strengths or weaknesses depending on your company configuration.
  3. Distribution: The Distribution section displays your scores in a chart format. It displays how you compare to previous years and benchmarks. The modal allows you to interact with the data and pick different normative data and groups for comparison.
  4. Top Scoring Questions: This section pulls in the questions from the survey that have the best scores.
  5. Focus Areas: Helps you prioritize action to address the issues that most impact your employees.

Before you begin...

  • It’s helpful if you understand how to use all the filtering tools. Reference the Filtering & Comparing page for a detailed overview.
  • If you want to download your results, visit the Download page for a comprehensive overview of how to download in Excel, PowerPoint or PDF.
  • Watch a video overview of the Dashboard page.


Explore the different sections of the Dashboard page. 
Depending on your company requirements, you may not have access to all sections.