360⁰ Participants

Watch this quick video overview of all the features you'll find on the Dashboard.

Dashboard Overview

The Dashboard is your home page and displays all of the activities and their status for the 360⁰ events you are participating in. From here, you can;

  • Access surveys to rate other participants
  • Manage nominations for events you are participating in
  • Monitor the progress of surveys
  • Access reports for completed events
  • View helpful documents posted by your 360 team (if applicable)


Expand each section below for detailed instructions.

Manage Raters

How to manage raters:

  1. From your dashboard click the Raters button for the event you want to add nominations for.
    • The event administrator programs how many raters you should have for each role. As you add nominations, the counts for each role will update and a blue checkbox will appear when you have met the rater requirements. The raters you add will be added to the page with the role you assigned them.

  1. Click the Add Raters button
  2. Enter the First Name, Last Name and/or Email of the person you want to add and click the Search button

If the person does not exist, you can add them manually.

      1. Click the Add New Rater button
      2. Enter the individuals First Name, Last Name and Email
      3. Select the Role this rater should have from the dropdown
      4. Click the Add New Rater button

  1. From the list of results, select the Role the person should have from the dropdown menu
  2. Click the Add Selected Raters button
  3. Repeat this process for additional users and yourself so you can complete the survey as well.

Requesting Rater Approvals

In some cases, you may require a leader to approve your nominations.

How to request approval:

  1. Once you have completed adding all of the raters and ensured that you have met all the role requirements, scroll to the bottom of the Manage Raters page.
  2. Click the Submit Raters For Approval button.

What happens next:

  • An email will be sent to the approver requesting they review and respond to the request.
  • The status on your dashboard will display 'Pending approval' until the approver responds.
  • When the approver responds, you will receive an email notifying you that they have Approved or Denied the request.
  • The status on your dashboard will display the approvers response.
    1. If your nominations are approved, you can begin by taking your own survey if the survey period has started.
    2. If your nominations are denied, click the Raters button and review the comments entered by the approver. Complete the suggested actions and click Submit Raters For Approval to resubmit the nominations.
Completeing the Survey

In some events, you may be required to complete a self-survey. This helps give a deeper understanding of how you perceive yourself vs. how other perceive you.  During the nomination process, you would have added yourself as a rater. 

How to complete the self-suvey:

  1. From your dashboard, locate your name in the People You Are Rating section
  2. Click the Start Rating button
  3. Complete the survey and click Submit
    • You will have the option to Save and Return later if you cannot complete the survey immediately.  When you're ready to complete it, simply return to the dashboard and click the Finish Rating button to open the survey.
    • What happens next:
      • The status of the survey will change to Complete.
Monitoring the Event

From the dashboard, you can view the progress of each rater.

How to send reminders:

  1. From the dashboard, scroll to the section: 'Survey's Where You Are Being Rated
  2. Click the Monitor button to view the Monitor for the event
Accessing Reports

Once the event ends, a report will be generated with your results. Reports are often reviewed by the event administrator to ensure the minimum number of responses are completed and then released. You should receive an email notifying you that your report is ready. You can either access the report through the link in the email or from your dashboard.

How to review your report:

  1. Click the Navigation Menu icon at the top right side of the page and select Reports.
  2. Click on the Generate Report button or Download Reportbutton.
    • You will see Generate Report if there are no approvals required.
    • You will see Download Report if your report was reviewed by an Admin, Coach or Leader prior to releasing the report to you.
  3. The PDF report will download according to the browser settings you have defined.

How to view your team's reports:

You can also view reports for your team if you have been given access.

  1. Navigate to Reports by clicking the Navigation menu at the top left side of the screen and select Reports
  2. In the 'Your Team's Reports' section you can download each report by clicking the Download Report button next to the participant’s row.

Selecting a Language

The 360⁰ participant site is available in 23 languages. Once you select a language, 360⁰ will remember your selection for future visits.

  1. At the top right of the screen next to your name, click the Globe Icon
  2. Select from the list of available Languages
  3. Click Close
Available Languages
  1. Chinese (Simplified)
  2. Chinese (Traditional)
  3. English (United States)
  4. English (United Kingdom)
  5. French (Canada)
  6. French (France)
  7. German
  8. Hindi
  9. Hungarian
  10. Indonesian
  11. Italian
  12. Japanese
  13. Korean
  14. Malay
  15. Norwegian (Norway)
  16. Polish
  17. Portuguese (Brazil)
  18. Romanian
  19. Russian
  20. Spanish (Latin America)
  21. Spanish (Mexico)
  22. Spanish (Spain)
  23. Thai