eX Pulse Resources

Kincentrics eX Pulse People Platform is designed to help you create and manage surveys smartly. Using integrated features Org Manager, Question Library and Survey Builder combine critical information allowing you to control every aspect of the survey design, distribution, execution and survey reporting process. 

Org Manager

Org Manager is Kincentric's solution to building hierarchies using an employee file exported from your HR system. Use employee data and hierarchies to create question branching in your Survey Builder survey and when sending survey invitations.

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Question Library

Question Library is your place to create questions and manage translations. Quickly use the questions from the library in Survey Builder to easily add them year over year for consistent metrics.

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Survey Builder

Survey Builder is a user friendly application used to build smart surveys. It integrates employee data and hierarchies from Org Manager and questions created in the Question Library.

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Admin Portal

Create and manage users that have access to Org Manager, Question Library and Survey Builder.

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