2022 Product Updates

Survey Builder - Define Survey Content Menu

In Step 2 of the survey design process, we broke the menu out into two sections to make designing the survey easier. This will allow designers to directly navigate to the section they want to focus on.  Each section contains the following options:

  • Section 1: Logo, Survey Title, Survey Intro, Progress Meter and Question Numbering
  • Section 2: Add questions for the survey

Fixed Issues

  • 360
    • Report Generation was periodically failing to produce reports
  • Survey Reporting
    • Translated comments had html span tags appearing before some of the translated comments
  • Survey Builder
    • Employee Count in the Distribute Your Survey step was displaying a count of zero when using HRIS for a survey
    • Incorrectly scoping the distribution contacts when the hierarchy data changed
May 21, 2022

Fixed Issues

  • Survey Reporting
    • PowerPoint Export - Min N value in the not section is not displaying dynamic content
    • Participation Monitor: Breakouts are not showing the 'Completed Count
April 30, 2022

Survey Reporting - Cancel Download

When downloading from any reporting page, you will now have the option to cancel the download before its finished running in the Download Manager.

Fixed Issues

  • Survey Reporting
    • Listen - Filtering is not applied when exporting to Excel
    • Participation Monitor: Invited column is showing the count of invited participants instead of response count
    • PowerPoint Export - Slides with charts are showing more than 6 rows of data display's charts unaligned
April 9, 2022

Fixed Issues

  1. Org Manager
    • Sort by Type does not work in the change log
    • First Name is not reflecting as a required column when uploading an employee file
    • Users are not able to upload an employee file in China
  2. Admin Portal - Client’s list page: Item limit pagination does not work
  3. Survey Builder - Designers are able to uncheck the Global Top Quartile benchmark. This benchmark is default and should not be able to be removed.
  4. 360 - The 'Self-Survey' is not displaying when the rater is required to complete the self-survey before filing nomination.
March 19, 2022

Survey Builder - Randomize Questions

This new feature in Step 3 of the desiger will allow users to define a group of questions that will appear in random order on the survey, for each participant. When the feature is turned on, we provide a visual indicator on the page identifying by grouping them together in a dotted lined box. Each of the questions must have the same response options. Watch the revised  Design Your Survey  video.

Survey Builder - Survey Progress Meter 

Survey participants are more likely to continue taking a survey if they know how close they are to finishing. Adding a progress meter to the survey is as simple as selecting which type of meter to display in Step 2 of the designer. The two options we provide are;

  • Page Number
  • Page Percentage

A progress meter will be required, a designer cannot create a new survey without selecting a meter and all existing surveys in draft will be required to select an option before publishing.

Watch the revised  Survey Logo, Title, Intro & Progress Meter  video.

Survey Builder - Select a Dimension

This feature will allow a designer to choose which dimension to use in reporting when a question is associated with multiple dimensions. Historically, we defaulted to either the client specific dimension or the first dimension associated with the question. This option gives the designer more control when it comes to reporting and reduces the need for them to reach out to their project team to make the change.

When selecting a question with multiple dimensions, a new lightbox will appear requiring the designer to pick the desired dimension. Designers will only be prompted when creating new surveys or if they happen to remove and re-add an existing question to their survey.

Watch the revised  Add Survey Questions & Dimensions  video.

Fixed Issues

  • Survey Builder - The language page does not appear when using the 'Preview Survey' in languages other than English
  • Org Manager - Not able to add bulk reporting users in Survey Builder for position-based hierarchies created in Org manager
  • Reporting - Heatmap: Dimension benchmark comparison calculation is incorrect.
February 26, 2022

Survey Builder - Survey Design Page Enhancements

We've added some additional new features to help you design and customize your survey.  Watch the revised  Design Your Survey  video for a complete overview of all the new features!

  1. When you copy an existing survey, all of the survey elements will be copied including page breaks, section breaks, text and section headers.
  2. You can add text to the end of the survey by selecting 'End of Survey' from the Add Text popup box.
  3. Add page breaks in bulk by selecting how many questions you want between page breaks.

Fixed Issues

  1. Virtual Coach - Survey email reminders are not sent when scheduled
  2. Org Manager - Moving a node into an open position that is identified as a parent node does not work
February 5, 2022

Survey Builder - Question Modifications from the Question Library

This new feature notifies you in Survey Builder when a question you are using in a survey has been modified within the Question Library. It allows you to review the changes and accept them or keep the original version. 

On the Step 2. Define survey content page; 

  1. A notification section appears at the top of the page. You can accept all of the question changes from here or go to each question to view and accept each change. 
  2. Under the question, a new 'View Update' link will appear. 
  3. When you click the 'View Update' link, a popup box will provide a list of all the changes made for the question. You can accept the change or click 'Cancel' to ignore it. 
  4. If you remove a revised question and re-add it later, the revised questions will automatically be applied.

Survey Builder - Survey Design Page Enhancements

We've added some great new features to help you design and customize your survey. A new menu on the left side of the page lets you add page breaks, section headers, section breaks and text areas. This new feature will not change any existing page breaks already added to draft surveys, but it will now allow you to move or remove existing breaks.

On the Step 3. Design your survey page:

  1. New menu on the left allows users to add a page break, section header, section break or text.
  2. Page break: A page break will require the user to click the Continue button to see the next questions on the survey.
  3. Section header: Adds a banner above a question. The user can define the text and translations that display in the banner.
  4. Section break: Adds a line on the page between questions on the page.
  5. Textbox: Adds an area with text. The user defines the text and translations that appear in the textbox and the text can be formatted using a variety of options.

Watch the new Design Your Survey  video for a complete overview.

Org Manager - Employee File Visibility

In the last release we added a new feature that allows you to make an employee file private. In this release, were adding the feature that will allow you to make changes to the setting.

  • If a file is public and is used on a draft survey in Survey Builder and is changed to private, the user in Survey Builder will be prompted to select a new data source. 
  • If the survey is published (live), you will not be able to change the setting to private.

360 Reporting - Error Message

When you try to submit an approval for a Rater and you forgot to add a role, you will now see a 'Please select a role' message that will require you to select a role before continuing.

Fixed Issues

  1. Virtual Coach - Error on the page when viewing suggestions.
January 15, 2022

Org Manager - Employee File Visibility

Employee Files are used to create hierarchies in Org Manager. We found that when users upload an employee file, often they do not want to share it with others until they've finished editing the employee file and completed creating their hierarchies. This feature will allow you to keep the file and hierarchies private until they are ready to share it with others. 

In this release, you will be able to make the file Private when uploading, however you cannot change the setting until after the next release on 2/5/2022. Keep your file set to visible if you suspect you'll need to change the status before 2/5/2022

  1. When uploading the file, you will see a 'Visible to Everyone' toggle to define the initial setting.
  2. The Employee File summary page shows a 'Visibility' column so you can easily view the existing setting.

In the next deployment (2/5/2022) you will be able to change the setting. 

  • After the file uploads (on the Hierarchy List page), you will have the option to change the setting. 
    • If a file is public and is used on a draft survey in Survey Builder and is changed to private, the user in Survey Builder will be prompted to select a new data source. 
    • If the survey is published (live), you will not be able to change the setting to private.

Fixed Issues

  1. Trend Chart
    1. Trend data is not visible when you apply a filter and the top group is empty 
    2. Dimensions with no scored questions is visible (should be hidden). 
    3. Search text overlaps the 'No results found' message 
  2. Trend in Segment - Incorrect values are displayed when historical data is missing 
  3. Heatmap 
    1. nCount word is being displayed instead of the value  
    2. Y Axis dropdown 'Invalid search' message is not visible 
  4. Org Manager - 'Can be empty' toggle does not toggle